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What it means to be voted as a Super Lawyer

Updated: Feb 12

You may have heard that a lawyer has been voted as a Super Lawyer and not know what that means. Is it important? Is it real? Is it some junk that a lawyer or attorney gave himself to boost his ego and charge more? Well, let's answer some of these questions.

Being voted as a Super Lawyer is a process. It means that you have to be nominated to be considered a Super Lawyer. The company that runs the program then vets the nominees down to see if they meet the criteria. After you get past those two stages, then names of potential Super Lawyers are submitted for voting by other lawyers. If and only if that lawyer gets the number of votes by other lawyers, then that person is awarded the title "Super Lawyer". It is not a popularity contest. It is not a public vote. It is not something that can be rigged. It is a serious process and only the top 5% of lawyers in any particular state are given this award.

We have our own Super Lawyer. Since beginning his practice of law in 1997, Brian Thomasson has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in the category of Family Law. This means that he is one of the top family law attorneys as selected by other lawyers in Virginia. It truly is an honor and recognition that he is good at what he does.

For more information on Super Lawyers, visit their site and look at page 22. He is the only family law/divorce lawyer in Chesapeake to earn this honor.

If you want to talk with Brian, feel free to call him at 757-454-2110.

As always, call us if you need us because #wedowhatotherscant!

/s/ Brian

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