Virginia Beach Things To Do

If you are thinking about a trip to Virginia Beach here some suggestions of some of our favorite things to do.  Most of these are open year round, however, it is always better to enjoy the beach during warm weather if you can.  These are fun things, tourist attractions, historical landmarks, and, of course, the ocean.


The Adventure Park

The Adventure Park at the Virginia Beach Marine Science Aquarium is a blast.  Courses for kids of all ages and physical condition.  Zip lines, ladders, and other obstacles make you feel like you are on a television show.  If you can, do the course with the zip line that goes over the water!

Click here for a link to their site to get tickets, times, etc.


Cape Henry Lighthouse


Town Center

Virginia Beach Town Center is one of the newest attractions in Virginia Beach.  Often called "Little New York" it is quickly becoming the epicenter for shopping and restaurants in Virginia Beach.  With a unique selection of stores, bars/clubs, restaurants, bars and even offices, Town Center has something for almost everyone.  Best of all - FREE PARKING!!!!


Atlantic Fun Park

Located just off of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Atlantic Fun Park offers fun for kids and adults.  With rides, midway games and fun foods what is there not to like?  There is the Gravitron, Flying Bob's 100 foot tall Skyflyer, the Sea Dragon and Virginia Beach's largest ferris wheel!  There is literally something for almost everyone.


King Neptune

King Neptune is a large bronze statue in Virginia Beach.  It was designed and sculpted by Paul DiPasquale.  The statue depicts Neptune (the mythological god of the ocean) and contains various fish, dolphins, lobsters and octopuses.  In his right hand, King Neptune holds a trident that rests on a loggerhead turtle.  Not only is this a popular photo location but it also is the location of the location of the Neptune Festival and other events in Virginia Beach.


Virginia Beach Boardwalk

By far and away the number one attraction in Virginia Beach we have saved the best (and most obvious!) for last.  Attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year, this is the premier tourist attraction for the Atlantic Ocean.  Stretching approximately 30 street blocks, there is plenty of room for everyone.  From sunbathing to body surfing to surfing to sunbathing there is something for everyone.  There is constantly something going on from concerts to festivals to sand soccer.  Also, there are countless restaurants and hotels as well as attractions.

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