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Car Accidents - A Split Second Is All It Takes

Updated: Feb 12

It’s staggering when you look at it this way. Over 31 million seconds in a year and in less than 1 second your life can be forever altered by a distracted or neglectful driver.

Think about the consequences of the car accident. The impact can and, probably will, do the following:

  1. Cause you to have work with the adjuster to get your car fixed.

  2. Cause you to have to drop the car off and pick it up from the shop.

  3. Require you to get a rental car perhaps.

  4. Have to go to the hospital or care facility.

  5. More doctors’ appointments.

  6. Perhaps physical therapy.

  7. Maybe some testing include MRI, ultrasounds, CT scans, etc.

  8. Trips to pharmacies for medications.

  9. Trouble sleeping.

  10. Inability to do the little things that we take for granted.

  11. Loss of income and/or work.

  12. Long-term pain.

We can try to help you if you like. We can take the stressors if dealing with the insurance companies, negotiating to get you the maximum amount available by law, and going to Court if necessary.

So if you’ve been in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or any other personal injury - give us a call at

There is no cost to talk with an attorney in our office. Click here to schedule your free consultation. And remember - no attorney's fees until we win!

/s/ Brian

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