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The most common question that I get starts with "why".  Why do I need a lawyer?  Why do I have to go to Court?  Why is he/she doing this to me?  Why should I hire you?  Let's try to answer some of these questions.


Why do I need a lawyer?

The short answer is the you don't need a lawyer.  No person does.  Keep in mind that I said "person".  Very important word.  Any individual can go to Court and represent themselves.  Thousands of people do each day.  If the case involves a business, corporation or government entity then they must have a lawyer.  No person can handle a case on behalf of these entities without being a licensed, active member of the Bar (there are some limited exceptions).  Doing so is the unauthorized practice of law which is a crime.


The question is not "why do I need a lawyer" but "why should I have a lawyer".  In my opinion the reason is simple.  Ask yourself this - do you think that I could show up at your place of employment with no experience and do your job as well as you?  Probably not.  That is just one reason, in my opinion, that you need a lawyer.  An analogy that I use often relates to sports.  Think of any sport.  If a player steps on the field without knowing the rules or how he sport is supposed to go, then the odds of success are remote.  Litigation and the law are similar - if you don't know how it is supposed to go then your odds of getting the results you desire decreases.

Why do I have to go to Court?

The short answer is that you normally don't.  There are some instances where you must appear or you run the risk of going to jail.  Never skip Court.  I believe that the real question is "why do we have to go to Court?"  The answer is simple - because there is a dispute that needs to be resolved. 




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