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An obnoxious announcer with glasses and a speech impediment mumbled something funny to herself and showed her front teeth. Smiling, she announced the news from the ATC; they showed a photograph of Sveta, and the photograph is such that it is immediately clear that she was upset

I quickly turned up the volume.

“... the corpse of a girl. Three gunshot wounds were found on the body. If anyone has anything to say…”

turned off the TV. The dropped cigarette had already burned a good hole in the tapestry of the chair. She knocked with her palm, even spat - the fire was prevented.

So what to do? Need to get more information. ran up

telephone, dialed a number. If Genka is there, he will tell me.

— Hello, can I have Gennady Ivanovich? This is Ivanova from the fishery. Yes Yes.



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