Quite honestly - divorces suck!  For everyone.  husbands, wives, children and other family members are thrown for a loop and it can be just really bad for everyone.  Your life is thrown a curve and, most of the time, without warning.  Bills, food, clothing, cars, kids - everything is up in the air and you may not know what to do.

We realize that going through this is one of the most difficult thing that you could experience.  As well as the most emotional.  Think about it for a moment - the most personal aspect of your life, your ability to provide for yourself and care for your children - are left to the actions of lawyers and a judge who knows nothing about your life!

We can help guide you through this difficult time.  With years of experience and having been selected by other lawyers as a SuperLawyer, Virginia's Legal Elite and Coastal Virginia's Top Lawyers in Family Law, Brian brings to the table years of actual trial experience in handling situations like yours.  More importantly, we know that not every case is the same and your divorce, separation, child custody, child support, child visitation, parenting time and spousal support case is not the same as anyone else's situation.

We also know that you and your family are more than a file number.  You need to survive and thrive.

Let us help you!


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